Everyone has a story when it comes to their experience with cannabis and the vision for the Dope History Podcast is to preserve and share these stories in a way that allows listeners to better understand the profound impact this plant has had on our lives. Dope History weaves you through the lives of those who have been touched by cannabis or have had an influence on the events that shaped our laws or relationship with this plant. The podcast offers up a unique perspective, where you can hear the stories directly from the mouths of those who experienced them, from social defiance all the way through to social acceptance.

In these interviews, there’s stories of passion and lifelong dedication, but also stories of stumbling into unexpected situations that have completely changed the direction of people’s lives. There’s good and bad, funny and sad, and everything in between.

Our hope is that some of these names may be familiar, but many more will be new to you. In the process of getting to know these people, you may learn a little more about history and gain a little more appreciation for the cultivation, art, and deep struggles that folks went through to gain legitimacy and legal access to this plant.

Here at Dope History we are not striving to share facts and figures and be historically accurate. Instead the goal is to let the speaker share their perspective of the events of their life as they experienced it, from their own point of view. This isn’t a podcast for cultivation or politics or even activism. This podcast is just about sharing some incredible life histories and hopefully some fun stories so sit back and enjoy!

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Tad Hussey is the owner of KIS Organics (kisorganics.com) and a partner in Kaizen Consulting (growwithkaizen.com). He received his BA from the University of Washington in 2000 and his Masters from Macquarie University in Australia in 2005.  His company’s mission is to help growers in working towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of growing cannabis using science-based horticulture. Tad also hosts the “Cannabis Cultivation and Science” Podcast where he interviews scientists, authors and farmers to help bridge the gap between agriculture, horticulture, and the cannabis industry.

KIS Organics vision is to help gardeners in working towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of growing all plants using science-based horticulture. We provide high-quality “living” soils, soil amendments, and education on organic growing practices.

Chad Westport is a lifelong cannabis consumer and advocate based in Washington State. His work focuses on cannabis education, whether it be the medicinal benefits, home-cultivation, or preserving the rich history.  He has worked in retail dispensaries and commercial grow operations since the legalization of cannabis in 2012. Cannabis is more than a passion, it is a way of life. Chad stays busy hosting various cannabis related webcasts, podcasts, and with his freelance journalism.

Chris DaCosse lives a peaceful and fulfilling life in Chicago with his wife, close friends, and family. He is a profound lover of music trained in the art of audio recording and sound design. A multi-instrumentalist musician, songwriter, artist, video maker, juggler, long distance cyclist, passionate cook, reading addict, film junkie, video gamer, sentimentalist, mystic, animal lover, and enthusiast of cannabis, cigars, and fine spirits. All in all, a great celebrator of life and love in all its forms. He is here with Dope History to celebrate the history of relationship between humans and cannabis with original music, audio editing, and sound design. 

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