Episode 7: Wolf Segal

Aspiring gardeners today have almost infinite resources to tap when it comes to tips and tricks for growing cannabis. Pre-internet, this was not a luxury most people had. It is safe to say that within the first year of growing, cannabis growers learn terms like Sea of Green and Screen of Green, also known as Scrog. These techniques aren’t ancient practice, this was something that came from the mind of Wolf Segal.

What we consider commonplace today, was once cutting edge, and it was Wolf Segal who first wrote about Sea of Green as “Farmer in the Sky” in the pages of Sinsemilla Tips magazine. Later on, he smuggled out the blueprints for the SCROG technique under the watchful eye of the law to be published worldwide. Listen in as he describes the origins of these techniques and other insightful ideas he brought to the cannabis community.