Episode 4: Eddy Lepp

Eddy Lepp was a one of a kind individual and Dope History was honored to have the  opportunity to hear his journey, in his own words, before his passing in August 2021 at the age of 69. Cannabis had been an integral part of his life, family, and health. We are thankful to of had the opportunity to hear it all from his candid perspective.

Eddy Lepp was an activist, a grower, and a Rastafarian minister. His story was an important part of the push for legalization in California. He was surrounded by other activists like Dennis Perone and Jack Herer. He was a prisoner of the cannabis war and spent 10 years behind bars. His life and times were so influential, a strain was dedicated to him before his passing. The OG Eddy Lepp strain has been shared in many circles, today we are thankful to share his story.