Episode 2: Frenchy Canolli


Kimberly Hooks, known to much of the world as Madame Canolli, is our guest for episode one. With the unexpected passing of her husband Frenchy Cannoli in July 2021, Kimberly has progressed the mission of spreading education and passion for the trichome. She has continued the legacy through a variety of activities, one of which was sharing the life story of Frenchy with us.

Frenchy Canolli is known as a prominent figure in the world of Hashish. His education came from many sources around the world, which provided him with first hand experience. Many of these learned techniques were passed down from generation to generation in the distant lands of India, Morocco, Nepal, and Pakistan. Eventually the Canolli family settled in California, where the laws were more permissive of his passion.

Frenchy was an advocate of open-source knowledge sharing. He has provided thousands of hash makers with the concepts and methodology for creating craft hash. Whether it was his “Lost Art of Hashishin” workshops, the numerous YouTube tutorials and guest appearances, or the wealth of knowledge on Frenchycannoli.com, Frenchy carried a torch for people wanting to go further with their craft.


Author Robert Brault once wrote – “Charisma is not just saying hello. It’s dropping what you’re doing to say hello”. Frenchy Cannoli was a man with natural charisma. He is also widely celebrated as one of the exceptional hashish makers of our time, Beyond that, Frenchy was a highly passionate person that had a long and intimate relationship with what he would refer to as, the sacred plant. Larger than all of this, Frenchy Cannoli was a husband and a father. In this episode, Dope History is grateful to be speaking with Madame Cannoli, who is here to reflect on the life and teachings of her beloved husband. She shares her plans for the future and stories from the past, including this next one about how those two came to be a couple.



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