Episode 5: Tom Alexander

This episode of Dope History focuses on Tom Alexander and the many ways in which he has become part of cannabis lore. Founder of one of the earliest technical journals sharing grow knowledge, Tom also had his brush with the law, on more than one occasion.

Billed as a “domestic growers journal” Sinsemilla Tips was a technical guide for cannabis growers. Tom Alexander was advancing growers knowledge through print as early as 1980. After an article in 1985 by the New York Times, Tom was thrust into the spotlight, appearing on Geraldo, Phil Donohue, Nightline, and the Today Show.  In October 1989, DEA agents conducted raids (Operation Green Merchant) on dozens of horticultural supply stores in 46 states. Tom was in his upstairs office early that day and tells the story that unfolded next. Enjoy the narrative as Tom weaves you through these experiences as only he can.